30th January 2024 – Dr David Martin has been informing and warning people about the plans of various organisations for some considerable time – he features elsewhere on my blog but here are some posts about his shocking – indeed despicable – revelations. This video clip is introduced thus:

‘This might be the most eye-opening video clip that you see this year…

The COVID shots pushed on billions of people could only be justified if there were no treatment options. So, what did they do? According to Dr. David Martin, they let people die and suppressed treatments to make way for a “vaccine.”

The audacity of the crime was shocking:

The CDC, before it became the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, was the US Malaria Suppression Program in Atlanta, Georgia, which did what? It advocated for the distribution of hydroxychloroquine. The institutions that demonized hydroxychloroquine were once its strongest believers. Watch.’


Here is further information about the censorship and suppression of ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine:


***Dr David Martin – ‘the audacity of the crime is what’s surprising’ – revelations about the plans and patents of the covid scenario

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