I’ve started reading Ben Irvine’s work and, having lived through the covid lockdowns in the UK, what he has written certainly resonates. I am going to read further – but I’ve read enough to think it’s worth flagging up his analyses of events:

One of the ‘readers’ comments’ to the article ‘The Unions and the U-turns’ resonated with me. It’s looking like Ben’s description of chronological events are well-investigated, but I kept thinking as I read it that his scepticism and derision of ‘lockdown sceptics’ who were focused on the ‘globalist’s agenda’ was not an either/or scenario. Thus, Richard Ingham’s comment is worth noting. He wrote:

Richard Ingham28 August 2021 at 01:41

“This paper is far and away the most insightful analysis I have read of Boris Johnson’s behaviour at the outset of the Covid crisis. I am still no fan of Johnson, but congratulations to Ben Irvine for the impressively thorough research into the unions’ disgraceful betrayal of teachers’ responsibilities to children. Just one thing: The claim there was no international Great Reset conspiracy comes across as a man of straw argument. There was and is a publicly announced plan by the international organisation WEF, called the Great Reset, to use Covid as an ‘opportunity’ to further the Great Reset agenda. It’s online, it’s an plainly set-out agenda (not a conspiracy) and many WEF big corporations have done well out of lockdowns. In February the WEF even tweeted ‘Lockdowns are quietly improving cities around the world.’ 

Just because the unions’ vile pro-lockdown campaign was in operation doesn’t mean nothing else was being done to promote lockdowns. Experience of life tells us there’s always more than one thing going on. It’s the same here.”

Of course this is, in effect, historic referencing as the date is August 2021. Since then we have had the debacle of corporate and governmental censorship of extraordinary scale regarding covid jab harms and deaths, and the advent of ‘excess deaths’ – which the Parliament in the UK is determined not to acknowledge and address – as can be seen via the collated information on my blog.

***Author Ben Irvine’s description and analysis of lockdown events in the UK – and the extraordinary role the unions played that Boris Johnson was up against – important information and food for thought

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