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The covid scenario has led to many people not ‘trusting their governments’. Mistrust is embedded deeply, now, into many ordinary citizens. Will governments, medics, journalists and other establishments ever regain ‘trust’? What will it take? Currently there is little sign of anything other than a lot of doubling down’ of the perpetrators who have shown no integrity and honesty – nothing to warrant people’s trust:

Do watch the press conference below. I got the impression that at least some of these European press people are supportive and equally concerned as the MEPs. Note also the warning at the end of the press conference about the further development of mRNA technology in the veterinary field – hasn’t PM Rishi Sunak proclaimed signing up the UK government with Moderna for ten years for mRNA development?

Part 1 of the International Covid Summit 111:

Part 2 of the International Covid Summit 111:

***Mission of the International Covid Summit 2023: ‘World Freedom Declaration’ – please consider reading (short) and signing in support…

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