For simplicity, I’m starting a new post no. 3) featuring Andrew Bridgen’s efforts to raise the issue of covid jab injuries and deaths, and the issue of excess deaths, in Parliament. Andrew has called for suspension of the covid jabs pending a full inquiry. Those following his efforts will know that he has been vilified, called an anti-semite (he is not), had no proper response from raising these serious issues in Parliament from the Minister/s concerned, and the UK Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, is still describing the jabs ‘safe and effective’ when they are clearly ‘toxic and lethal’ for large numbers of people – and we don’t really know how many so far and what is yet to come. Andrew had ‘the whip’ withdrawn from him some time ago, and now he has been completely expelled from the Conservative (Tory) political party. It’s really very shocking. I start this thread with yet another video from Dr. John Campbell who has looked at the research findings and data from the outset of the covid ‘pandemic’ and, over time, has completely changed his position regarding the safety and efficacy of the covid jabs. John himself has had two warnings from the YouTube administration and so he has to be very careful how he presents ongoing research information with his commentary.

This interview (below) between John and Andrew warrants being watched right to the end as it has some really very worrying, and unacceptable, and unaccountable information about mRNA ‘vaccine’ developments and the World Health Organisation:

The interview between John and Andrew and originally posted on YouTube was removed (no surprises there as censorship is so rife and YouTube is complicit with authoritarian forces) and so it is now available via Rumble:

Let these statistics sink in (below). Does it seem plausible that the UK Parliamentarians and the Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, still believe the covid jabs are ‘safe and effective’ as they claim?

Andrew Bridgen supported wrongly-accused post office workers:

This looks like a promising event (below) where some truths (data, findings) are likely to be central. The Co-hosting team are those members of the European Parliament who have been asking the right kind of questions and pointing out the total lack of clarity re purchase of the covid jabs some considerable time ago. Christine Anderson is renowned internationally as a person of integrity and trustworthy:

‘Anti-vax conspiracy theorists’ – so obvious that this notion has had its day. Those playing on the phrase are in denial of covid jab injuries and deaths – insulting and inhumane to those affected – of which there are many thousands – we just don’t know how many:

A rare TV debate:

*** 3) What next for Andrew Bridgen MP after the Conservative Party expelled him on 12th April 2023? For the back story see parts 1) and 2)

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