September 2023: There are very grave questions to be answered about the use of midazolam during the covid period. It’s proving impossible to achieve an inquiry into events regarding unwarranted treatments and deaths. Listen to what Kate Shemirani has to say via a short video about ‘end of life care’. It may not be the ‘caring’ process you think it is:

Kate Shemirani


‘They are about to begin the booster shot for the phoney variant, the shingles shot, the flu shot, the pneumonia shot on all our elderly and vulnerable. Then there will be a surge in flu like symptoms which they will call Covid and then a huge number of them are going to be end of life so-called care’ which generates the tariff that is on your head. And you won’t be able to see it happening because the government are going to come in with another lockdown. Remember they parted the last time while our elderly met their untimely end and some of them ‘not so old’ under the guise of care?’

This is an older post with links to questions about Matt Hancock’s involvement with ending lives prematurely with the use of midazolam and morphine – Jacqui Deevoy has collected a great deal of direct evidence of cases of such deaths provided by family members:

A horrible way to die…

***About ‘end of life care’ – it may not be what you think it is – are you aware or ‘deluded’?

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