Thanks to @inversionism on X (Twitter) for flagging up this documentary: ‘Bill Gates and his decade of vaccines. This is a great report from James Corbett on Bill gates and his nefarious agendas to inject every human being on the planet with experimental vaccines. What he did in India should have put him in prison and dissolved his foundation. He captured and took over their health authorities to use the country as a bunch of guinea pigs for the gardasil and polio vaccines, while making those pharma companies his foundation held stock in, billions of dollars. Since starting his “decade of vaccines”, his vaccine investments were said by him to have provided a 20 to 1 return. Remember his foundation is a supposed non-profit… so absurd. As I’m sure some of you have read, he gave a ton of people in India polio with his toxic shots, somewhere around half a million, and yet he remains a free man.’

See: ‘Izumiotsu City, Osaka stops recommending risky vaccinations. Local governments association, doctors expressed their views on side effects of the vaccines. “the more people are vaccinated, the more infected people become”‘:

Multiple posts on my blog now include information regarding official data findings, also testimony and whistleblowers of injuries and deaths because of the covid jabs, clear patterns of deaths following jab roll-outs. Here is one example of an analysis of ‘official’ data:

Sept 2023: Not even a gesture of a trial for new covid jabs for children – will this never end? ‘Today, FDA approved (12+ year olds) & authorized (6 months to 11 year olds) new monovalent C-19 vaccine based on “manufacturing data” and no clinical trial. Your taxpayer dollars at work.’

The medical use/abuse of living pre-term infants – off the scale horrendous:

About the HPV jab – one of the most damaging jabs. (A young male relation of mine was paralysed for two days after the HPV jab):

Jacqui Devon on X writes: ‘In 2008, young girls started to get the HPV jab (trade name Gardasil and Cervarix) in an attempt to guard against cervical cancer. A few years later, I started getting emails from concerned parents whose daughters had become extremely ill. I did a lot of research and interviewed some of the girls. I had articles published between 2016 and 2017 by mainstream publications and news outlets. Many of these young women were suffering with premature ovarian failure which basically meant their periods had stopped and they’d entered early menopause. I remember thinking back then, these girls will never be able to have children. These victims are now in their twenties. As far as I know, there have been no studies on how their fertility is these days. My guess is that many of the girls who had these toxic shots are now infertile. In 2018, Gardasil was recommended for boys too. It was said to prevent anal cancer. A study a few years back showed that girls who’d had the jab were more likely to develop cervical cancer. Go figure.’

Listen to Robert F Kennedy Jr on the safety of ‘vaccines’…

Kevin writes via X:

‘Robert Kennedy explains how #Vaccines are NEVER tested properly for SAFETY, because they are “UNAVOIDABLY UNSAFE”

NO #Vaccines are ever truly subject to controlled placebo trials!! It’s the only medical product that’s exempt! Do you know why? Because “ALL #Vaccines are unavoidably UNSAFE!!” And the controlled placebo trials would show these findings!! #Pfizer said, “#Vaccines are unavoidably UNSAFE!!!” and wanted to stop creating #Vaccines UNTIL the government gave them LIABILITY PROTECTION!! Did you guys know about that? How could the government do that to their own citizens? We are mandated to inject our children and ourselves over 70x before becoming adults with products that are untested and “unavoidably UNSAFE”? This is obviously some sort of sick joke, right guys?’

Really worrying news flagged up by Jessica Rojas via X: ‘Well, that’s one way to steralize and depopulate. An international campaign — funded in large part by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation — to inject tens of millions of young girls with the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine is drawing fire from critics who allege the vaccine will cause far more harm than good. Claiming the initiative will avert “over 1.4 million future deaths,” Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance announced it is investing more than $600 million to reach its goal of vaccinating 86 million girls in low- and middle-income countries by 2025.’

26th November 2023 – UK: Information about children’s flu nasal vaccine – read the article in The Conservative Woman by Sally Beck:

Children are given flu vaccine to protect adults‘ by Sally Beck:

Short video by Kate Shemirani via X:

‘8pm GMT. The HPV vaccine, killing, injuring our teenagers and leading to infertility also. There is no virus that leads to cervical cancer! Join me when we discuss with a Colombian journalist have 1000 girls were injured in one town all at once after this horrific vaccine.’

8 pm GMT

And live on rumble

Video of Dr Peter McCullough describing (as noted by The Vigilant Fox):

‘The Four Deadly Ways COVID Vaccines KiII: Insights from Dr. Peter McCullough

#1 – Cardiovascular: heart inflammation, myocarditis, cardiac arrest.

#2 – Neurologic: All forms of stroke, Guillain–Barré syndrome, neuropathy.

#3 – “Blood clotting like we’ve never seen in medicine before”: Don’t respond to typical blood thinners. A “disaster.”

#4 – Immune system abnormalities: Suppressed immune systems, autoimmune disease, etc.’

Here is a video about Bill Gates that was banned from the web:

“This isn’t a vaccine story – this is a population management story.” The story of the psychopathic megalomaniac Bill Gates. Watch and share.

For your research, look up the work of Dr Suzanne Humphries:

***Bill Gates and his ‘decade of vaccines’… His plan – to vaccinate the world… and further information about various vaccines…including the very dangerous HPV jab now given to boys as well as girls

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