There is no need for further introduction, please watch this short video which says it all about the demise in our schools and in our societies:

Merianne Jensen


‘Spoke to the PWCS School Board tonight about #ParentalConsent and their blatant disregard for @GovernorVA’s model policies intended to bring parents back into their kids’ education. Someone needed to tell the truth about what’s happening in our schools. I was happy to do it.’

Below is the link to a post featuring the fight back in the UK about the same very worrying and unacceptable issue:

And here is a post full of events from different countries where Drag Queen Storytime, and other transgender developments, demonstrate how far down the road of sexualisation and corruption of our children (and our establishments) some countries have travelled – and which have infiltrated our schools:

A father is warned, then removed, from a school board meeting when he attempts to read aloud the content of a book designed for children’s use. The adults could not cope with the contents but yet allow or encourage (or turn a blind eye to) such literature for children in schools and public libraries:

Politics Live’ interview in the UK – this is a very short video clip which is well worth watching: ‘On Politics Live: schools need clear guidance on gender self-ID grounded in (i) clinical insight: the Cass review said social transition cd have long term psychological impacts on children (ii) the law that all children have right to access single-sex toilets & changing rooms’:

Andrew Bridgen (Member of Parliament – UK) talking in public about the sexualisation of our children from the youngest ages:

At last people protest en masse against the gender ideology pervading some of our countries and grooming our children:

‘Scenes from Ottawa right now where thousands of parents and kids are protesting explicit sexual content in schools and radical gender ideology. These protests are absolutely massive and across the entire country. #1MillionMarch4Children’

***An amazing mother lambasts the school board for putting cult-like gender ideology before the safe guarding interests of the children and for undermining parents’ responsibilities and rights. This is a ‘MUST WATCH’ indeed!

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