Here’s hoping that the WHO (World Health Organisation) loses any and all of its unelected authority:

See David Bell’s commentary on the plans of the WHO for global dominance:

It’s really upsetting to see the UK is a major contributor to the WHO. Dr Kat Lindley on X writes: ‘We need to put pressure on our legislators to seriously consider exiting WHO. The time for talking is done. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is 2nd in the top 20 contributors to WHO in 20-21 (from the WHO website). These relationships between private-public partnerships and WHO are extremely concerning. They look fine on the surface but, someone should look at all these contracts and financial ties. These past few years have shown huge conflicts of interest and corruption and we must demand better. #ExitTheWHO Enough is enough!’

Update 12th October 2023 – Dr Tess Lawrie on X:

‘Following the URGENT EXPERT HEARING on Covid-19 vaccine DNA contamination findings, I met with Australian Attorney Katie Ashby-Koppens to discuss options for individual legal and class actions. An example letter putting vaccinating practitioners on notice will be made available as soon as possible at

Do watch the three minute video conversation between Dr Tess Lawrie and Attorney Katie Ashby-Koppens about the legal situation:

Those of us who have seriously questioned the covid-19 pandemic narrative may have read/watched the information from various sources that the ‘covid’ and ‘vaccine’ rouse has been a very long time in the planning, here is yet another person endeavouring to warn others – this from 2009:

Kevin – WE THE PEOPLE – DAD writes on X:

‘2009 – Whistleblower, Jane Burgermeister warns about the United Nations and the World Health Organization’s plans for a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT: “After an UPCOMING and PLANNED health crisis, they want to INSTALL a, ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT with the WHO and UN in charge and it will happen in EVERY COUNTRY at the same time!!!! They want to fulfill this dream by using a PANDEMIC and #Vaccine as instruments – There is a SECRET BIOLOGICAL WARFARE against civilians being carried out!!”

How can you listen to something like this and still NOT consider that the #Covid#Vaccine was a PLANNED operation? She said this in 2009!!!!!

‘Say NO to the WHO!’ Read what Dr. Kat Lindley explains about the WHO’s plans:

More about the WHO – watch the short video:

Who is the director of the World Health Organisation and what qualifies him for this role? That’s quite a question!!!

The World Health Organisation’s relationship with Bill Gates:

Update 28th November 2023 from Dr Tess Lawrie via a short video statement:

I thank everyone who signed and supported our petition for the UK Parliament to debate the WHO IHR amendments. We made it! They will debate them and I will be there on that day. I would like to also take the opportunity to thank everyone who has supported the World Council for Health in 2023. This past year has seen our coalition of more than 225 grassroots organisations go from strength to strength! With your financial contributions, we have demonstrated leadership in medicine, holistic health and science, international health policy, and human rights law.

The World Council for Health has become a leading voice on health and sovereignty issues that impact everyone. At WCH, we envision a healthy, free, and sovereign world where we all have what we need to generate, sustain, and protect our own health and that of our loved ones, our communities, and our environments. However, a minority of special interest groups have a rather different vision, they envision a New World Order where we have nothing, and they have everything. A world of monopoly power where we, the many, are made fearful and exploited by the few. This is the most pressing issue of our time and it has grave implications for the future of our children if we choose to do nothing.

This is why we at the World Council for Health, in collaboration with the grassroots groups of men and women in every country, are actively countering this dystopian agenda and creating a Better Way for all. We do this by establishing autonomous councils, empowering communities, and educating men, women, and children so they know their rights and confidently take responsibility for their own health. With the intended expansion of WHO control over public health responses at the next World Health Assembly meeting in May 2024, our work is more critical than ever.

We are not funded by Big Pharma or billionaires—we are supported by ordinary people like you. So, once again, a heartfelt thank you for your support. We have gone from a seed to a sapling, and with your continued nourishment we will become a very strong tree. Please consider gifting to the World Council for Health this season under the link below, and have a peaceful and joy-filled family time!”

More about the very worrying direction of travel of the WHO:

***’Exit the WHO, it’s the right thing to do’ – Dr Tess Lawrie and the World Council for Health

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