“Completely untested, variant-outdated, toxic vaccines approved for infants. I called it unconscionable as the (P)FDA no longer even bothers to pretend science and public health are their guideposts. They used to do a much better job of pretending.”


By September 2023: Global statistics – 20 million dead from covid jabs, 2 billion serious adverse reactions. “These numbers are beyond staggering. This is unimaginable carnage.” The figures do not include stillbirths, suicides, future deaths from the rapid increase of cancer. This is a very short statement via video:


An earlier professional analysis of some official international data – full presentation:


September 2023: Testimony about covid jab injured and bereaved for the official UK inquiry:

‘Yesterday Anna & her team spoke on our behalf… As I sat there listening to all the trauma of what myself & many others have gone through, I couldn’t hold back the tears I don’t think I have ever hugged someone so hard in all my life, with so much emotion behind it We’re so very grateful that yesterday we felt not only seen, but HEARD!!’


***September 2023: Rolling out covid jabs again – including for children – “unconscionable”, How can this still be happening? Global figures: 20 million dead from covid jabs; 2 billion serious adverse reactions.

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