This is a very short video statement by US Presidential Candidate Robert F Kennedy Jnr confirming the evil and totalitarian regime being imposed on the world – truly a ‘must watch’. We cannot afford to ignore this warning – and it’s clearly not a conspiracy theory as it’s actually taking place:

Dr Tess Lawrie on X writes: ‘The WHO continues to recommend policies that breach the Nuremberg Code of 1947 AND the Universal Declaration of Bioethics and Human Rights 2005 (Art.6). Why would a “health” organisation do that? Time to #EXITtheWHO

Here is a remarkable, succinct statement in a City Council meeting that warranted the standing ovation – and which everyone should watch. Although this took place in Canada, the circumstances described are relevant far beyond as Non-Governmental-Organisations (NGOs) seek to take over the world:

The Vigilant Fox on X writes:

@RobertKennedyJr Tells Hostile C-Span Caller Why the COVID Jab Is the Most Dangerous Vaccine in History. “VAERS reports have shown that there have been more reports of deaths and injuries from [the C19 shot in] VAERS than all vaccines combined since 1986. So, by the only measure that the CDC uses, it is the most dangerous vaccine and has killed more people than any other vaccine in history.” Kennedy continued. “It’s unfair, I think, to come to me and say that I’ve cited VAERS, which is a bad system, admittedly, but it’s not bad because it overcounts vaccine injuries. It’s bad because it undercounts them by a hundredfold. And that’s CDC’s own peer-reviewed studies that show that.”‘

Sept 30th 2023 News: Ginger Taylor writes via X: ‘Ya’ll!!! THINGS JUST TOOK A TURN! Kennedy is the first viable 3rd party presidential candidate, and he is gonna drain votes from both parties!!! Get your popcorn, things just got interesting!!’

Read the range of responses:

Robert F. Kennedy Jr on X raises the issue: ‘Is Bill Gates really helping Africa?’

Robert F. Kennedy Jr flags up this article, link below: ‘Great article on the hijacking of science and the bullying of scientists who dare resist the dominant political narrative. Three years later, the mainstream is beginning to accept what the authors of the Great Barrington Declaration said in 2020 (and were pilloried for saying).’

26th February 2024 – Robert F. Kennedy Jr writes:

‘The military has finally admitted that it wrongfully compelled service personnel to submit to an experimental medical product. There is still no accountability. That will happen when I am elected.’

***ESSENTIAL WATCHING – VERY SHORT VIDEO STATEMENT (2 minutes 10 seconds) by Robert F Kennedy Jr about the totalitarian and evil state of the world: “People in authority lie… they abuse every power we relinquish to them… they’re going to have access to our children… to compel unwanted medical interventions on us… they did that in the war…” “They are orchestrating obedience on us to enslave the entire human race and plunge us into a dystopian nightmare…” It’s already happening isn’t it.

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