‘PLEASE WATCH & SHARE An inside story, from age 14-18: How I fought against the education system during the Scamdemic, where this has led me and the responsibility my generation has when fighting against Agenda 2030. Time Stamps: Going through the education system during the Scamdemic: 0:00s – 11:53s My involvement in committed activism and its importance: 11:53s-14:00s A message to my generation! : 14:00s-15:02s And lastly, recognition & thanks: 15:02s-16:10s’


Montgomery writes:

‘You do not need the consent of your parents or guardians to be vaccinated.’

A throwback to the horrific letter I received when I was 16 years old. I will never forget what was pushed on the youth…Please read & repost this letter to remind people of the blatant attack on my generations health.’


In fact it was this very issue of rolling out the covid jabs for children in the UK – along with undermining the parents’ and guardians’ wishes – that tipped me over into need to go further than sharing the information of others via Twitter – hence the change of direction of my blog into world-wide, truly serious, totalitarian, Orwellian, and evil developments. See the UPDATE comment on my homepage:


Montgomery’s video statement describing his concern for the corruption of education from primary to universities, and his appeal to come together ‘in unity’ to fight these developments – I’m proud of him!


Montgomery informing the people about the transgender ideology that has infiltrated our schools even for the youngest of children:


***We have thus far failed a generation of children and young people, what about their experiences and voices in schools? Listen to Montgomery Toms’ responses to the cognitive dissonance of his teachers who blindly followed the irrational government covid mandates…

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