Doctor Dr McHonk-Honk – a satirist and talented song-writer and musician – launching with his original song no. 101, ‘Anything But Ordinary (Do Not Comply)’. This made me cry:

For links to his work, go here:

Here is one of Ash Mahmood’s ( @AshTFE ) great interviews featuring The Secret Art Gallery in London, which took place on 14th May, 2022:

[For a range of heartfelt and important interviews, click on Ash’s link above.]

Political satirist, Bob Moran’s ( @bobscartoons ) work:

Poetry: ‘They say truth will set you free…’

An ‘Anthem for Justice’ read by Dr Tess Lawrie:

What a great find via ‘X’ (formerly ‘Twitter’) – new music and poignant lyrics by the talented Victor Muhlberg about the covid-19 years – do take some time out to read the review in ‘New York Music Daily’ and listen to some of the pieces for the final musical:

More information here:

Below is a great piece of music – really brilliant, pertinent lyrics – by @FiveTimesAugust flagged up by wife Dr Kat Lindley on X – do listen in full and watch the powerful video – huge irony (which mirrors my own thoughts about the response of the not-rock-and-roll brigade – their rock-rebellion reputation is lost forever):

Melanie-Jayne on X writes: ‘This is what a #vaccineinjury looks like. I painted this while struggling physically & mentally. It was painted from my heart & soul. Words can’t express how much pain & suffering I have gone through. I named it “Gaslighted” I think many of you can relate. Keep fighting’

Please click on the link below to see her painting – and read about the experience of others:

Watch and listen to these powerful and truthful lyrics:

The Crime – by Jim Scott

Dr. O’s ‘Imagine Armegeddon’: More heartbreak happening in the world…

Five Times August asks the question as to which musicians and bands did not go along with the covid propaganda – I thought it pertinent to add ‘the list’ here:

‘The question came up last night and is becoming a pretty common one… Which musicians and bands DID have the courage to speak up over the last few years? Well, while the painfully honest answer is simply “not enough,” some of us actually did. Across the board from rock, pop, songwriter, country, punk, rap, electronic, parody, and even ragtime piano… a rich kaleidoscope of new music and artistry has emerged since 2020. One that’s rooted in truth and integrity, and it’s time to put it on and crank it up. The cultural shift has begun. The art is here now, more people just need to know it’s out there and where to find it, and with your support we can do that. You have the power to put these artists on the charts and wash out the mainstream garbage that currently resides there. You actually have the power to dictate what is mainstream, it’s important to understand that. So use it. I encourage everyone reading this to follow every single artist below and really start listening, sharing, and purchasing their work. You need them, and they need you. It’s time. And to all the artists here, and to the many others I’m sure I missed (my apologies), it’s been a great pleasure getting to know and create with you. It’s an honor to fight the cultural battle alongside you. Thanks for being here and for your art. You are changing things’.’

‘Hail to the Skeptics’ – music video with record of news headlines – by Sven Curth via X:

***Music, art and poetry documenting the covid-19 plan, the global totalitarian responses to ‘covid’, and the covid-jab/s invention and roll-out – all crimes against humanity

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