My blog now includes links to videos of numerous truth-tellers, whistle blowers, medics and scientists, and statisticians giving evidence as to covid jab injuries and harms. The numbers are huge for covid injuries and deaths with significant excess deaths unaccounted for. Governments, including the UK Parliament, have fingers in their ears about these injuries, deaths and excess deaths with no compassion and no acknowledgement for the need to establish full inquiries into their cause.

‘Kevin’ has generated a heartfelt message with information about the deaths and injuries of family members and people he knows. This is simply representative of many other people and their families and friends including me. He has also flagged up a video compilation ‘snapshot’ of scientists describing their findings of the consequences of the covid jabs. He writes:

‘Governments, central banks and the media have crossed a line that they can NEVER come back from – They forced a medical experiment on us and tried to bankrupt us for CBDC’s/totalitarian control !! Now humanity is PISSED OFF and coming for accountability!!!’

Below is a link to another post featuring the extent of PROFESSIONAL world-wide concern about the covid jabs – and yet nothing about this on mainstream media and politicians carry on regardless doing their best to ignore the huge numbers of jab injuries and deaths – showing their ignorance, lack of compassion, or sheer evil unaccountability and corruption:

‘Dr Pierre Kory ‘blames the Government for Killing People and Ruining Lives “Every facet of our lives is now being interfered with and really deteriorating because of the overreach of the government.” “Our health excess mortality is exploding [and] birth rates are dropping. I can’t imagine a more outsized loss than what’s happened once the ref [regulatory agencies] started calling all the shots for the other side.”‘

And this is the case with other governments across the world. How on earth can the ordinary citizens so badly affected by the covid plandemic and consequences of covid jabs hold those in authority to account? Will this happen eventually – or prove impossible forever?

Yet another tragedy – and yet another example of the level of evil, cover-up, and impossibility of holding those responsible to account. We know how autopsies have been avoided, banned in some cases, we know that many doctors have been dishonest amongst others – we know that we cannot trust the very people, and establishments, that prior to covid ordinary people would have trusted with little or no questioning:

‘I’ve never shared this photo, because it upsets me so much. Around midnight Saturday 13th November, 2021. Caitlin drove herself to Emergency and presented with Shortness of Breath. The hospital didn’t do a spirometry test, lung function, any test for asthma. There was no medical history of chronic asthma. They didn’t look at other causes, didn’t do an ECG, no d-dimer, no troponin. She’d told everyone that the second jab made her really sick. (Her face and body had swollen up). Her employer basically called her a liar. The hospital of course tested for (and excluded) CvD. And the hospital diagnosed an acute asthma attack. They then treated with mass doses of ventolin. 16 puffs every half hour. Then discharged her with oral steroids, a preventer and reliever. And even whilst she couldn’t breathe, was tachycardic and was negative for CvD, they made her wear a mask. Three days later she was dead.’

Read the full account:

Listen to what Presidential candidate, Robert F Kennedy Jr said in this short BBC interview regarding the science and the scientists in the US – it’s looking like nothing has changed – or actually, the situation is much worse now regarding the ‘science’ and its total untrustworthiness:

Tony Nikolic, Civil Rights Lawyer practising in Australia with a passion for transparency in Government and Director of Australian Medical Network (AMN) states: ‘We have run multiple cases Kassam v Hazard and others in courts over the years claiming not only the potential harms from jabs, but little effect on transmission, does NOT confer immunity, did not stop hospitalisation or death! IT IS CLEAR TO ME NOW AS IT WAS THEN- THERE WAS AND REMAINS NO BASIS FOR MANDATES, LOCKDOWNS, ARRESTS, SCHOOL CLOSURES AND EVERYONE WHO LOST THEIR JOBS SHOULD BE COMPENSATED BY PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANIES AND ALL THOSE PUBLIC AND PRIVATE INDIVIDUALS WHO SUPPORTED THIS CLINICAL TRIAL AT GREAT EXPENSE EMOTIONALLY, FINANCIALLY, AND PROFESSIONALLY SHOULD IMMEDIATELY LOSE THEIR JOBS!’

The effects on pregnant women – findings in Japan:

Dr. Mike Yeadon urges pregnant women, and women thinking about getting pregnant, not to take the covid-19 jabs. He reminds people of the thalidomide horror – this is a very short video, please watch it:

Told ‘Not to worry’ about reactions to covid jabs:

Dr Peter McCullough states that clinics are not reporting on the confirmed jab deaths:

Dr McCullough himself writes: ‘Graphical example of how some had immediate reactogenic effects and suffered cardiac arrest and died in vaccine centers. Governments should have shut down the vaccine campaign immediately and pull products out of use!’


The link below is a data analysis by Dr Denis Rancourt and associates – the findings are shocking – watch Dr Rancourt’s presentation right to the end:

***Why are the covid jabs still being manufactured and used when there are so many injured and killed by them? Their continuation can only be considered as intentional evil and greed…

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