As the level of covid jabs deaths and injuries are revealed from studying world-wide statistics (an estimated 20 million deaths globally at the time of starting this post), hear what the leaders are now saying – with not an ounce of compassion or accountability in sight:

‘The Covid vaccine narrative now is that no-one was ‘forced’ to get the jab people ‘chose’ to.’:

‘Jimmy Dore & Bret Weinstein Torch Pfizer’s Execs for Saying No One Was Forced to Get the COVID Vaccine “These people are criminal liars. The first lie was the vaccine would stop the transmission and it would stop the pandemic. The second lie was we never said the vaccine would stop the transmission and stop the pandemic. And now the third lie is we never mandated it.”’:

Ed Dowd notes the narrative is now becoming ‘No-one was forced’ now that the jab deaths and injuries are becoming more common knowledge in his informative short video flagged up by:

National Citizens Inquiry (NCI | CeNC


‘What has been the human cost of COVID mandates and vaccinations in Canada? Some officials who were involved in implementing these measures are now distancing themselves from accountability, do you think this indicates that the harms are becoming more acknowledged by the public?’

Bo Hembaek Svensson ( @hembaek ) writes:

‘The list is long – from Nobel laureate Luc Montagnier to RFKjr and experts such as Dr. Binder below. These specialists have been saying the same for a very long time and data accumulated over the years seems to support their claims. It makes my heart bleed, it is soul-crushing and I fear for my loved ones and my fellow humans. The numbers we are being shown are staggering, as is the pain and agony among those affected. I’m flabbergasted by the total information shutdown in our public space and the abandonment of principles, knowledge, and experience. The populace is not properly informed. Why? How am I as a layman supposed to react? Just pretend that these doctors, experts, and scientists are deliberately misleading us? I keep asking: – HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE? – WHY IS THERE NO BREAKTHROUGH? As to the former, I don’t know, but I notice the unprecedented supranational coordination which I have never seen before. As to the latter; FEAR. Our world is in the grip of fear at all levels. The system fears how people will react to this. There is a problem, but it is impossible to recognize. It is a binary situation. The energy potential is tremendous and completely unprecedented. This pertains to 80% of us and it creates growing despair, confusion, and anger. Our (collective) curiosity and the system’s ability to inquire and self-correct have been terminated. What force of power can do this across countries, cultures, and national systems? What is it we are up against? We can see its signature in the grip it has on us, but can we comprehend it? Intervention. NOW!’

Bit by bit, holding some in authority to account – Alberta, Canada: ‘Remember When? Jason Kenney announces using the full force of the law to require citizens to comply with public health orders. This year, it was determined Alberta violated the Public Health Act.’

***After the “BUILD BACK BETTER” global leaders’ mantra, note the latest adopted mantra by leaders who implemented merciless, military level propaganda, totalitarian covid lockdowns, covid jab regimes and heavy-handed police responses to deal with mask and mandate protestors: “NO-ONE WAS FORCED” to get the jabs!!! Dearie me!

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