Wild fires in different countries – random arsonists, planned arson, wild weather conditions – what’s going on?

‘GREECE – Wild fires are now the largest ever recorded in Europe and still raging out of control, so far destroying 200,000 acres of land thousands of livelihoods and at least 21 deaths. …. Caused by arsonists!’


Feelings run high about the fires in Maui – what happened there? – Listen to this outpouring of contempt for the mega rich Oprah appealing for funding for the victims of the fire:

‘Yes, yes and yes! Do NOT give Oprah a dime of your hard earned money that the people of Hawaii will never see. She is one of the richest people in the world and she has the nerve to immediately start an organization and ask struggling Americans for money? Please!! She could easily write a check for every single displaced family and it would [n’t] even make a dent in her bank account. These people are disgusting!’




***Wild fires – what’s going on?

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