Thanks to June Slater for flagging up this information about Sadiq Khan and his connections – this information needs to be common knowledge to understand the long-term plan for ‘the car’ and for ordinary citizens (read through the responses with further information):

“Why do so few people join the dots between Sadiq Khan, the C40 Group & Bill Clinton…C40 Group targets ZERO private car ownership by 2030…Khan is Chair of C40…Clinton & Bloomberg 2 “key people” as noted by Wikipedia…all in plain sight”

See this previous post on my blog featuring events illustrating the undemocratic loss of freedoms – more of the local, national and globalist totalitarianism we are being subjected to:

So where people hadn’t even heard about the C40 Group (well, I hadn’t), the cat is out of the bag now, and people are learning about Khan’s connections and their intentions:

Tide turning?…

‘Newcastle “Low Traffic Neighbourhood” to be scrapped Council “deemed scheme unsuccessful: displaced traffic onto other residential streets, had not prompted more people to start walking or cycling & made ‘little to no impact’ on reducing school traffic”‘:

‘Net Zero by 2050’ – what might that look like according to Norman Fenton:

The Labour Council in Cambridge scrap their Congestion charge:

Nov 2023: Damaged ULEZ cameras – estimated £10 million for the past six months!

More about Sadiq Khan’s ULEZ benefits – he misled the public:

The ‘Together’ organisation via X: “Last night we were in Parliament to present our important new report to MPs: “Clean” Air, Dirty Money, Filthy Politics: The Big Bucks Behind the UK’s Anti-Car Policies & Air Pollution Panics Trailer here; watch full recording of event at 7pm, YouTube:

Wales, UK: What are all the cameras for? Now ain’t that the question!

15th January 2024 – update by ‘Herd Immunity News’ via X:

‘News: There are yet more ULEZ cameras being ‘retired’ throughout London. As the growing number of TfL ‘money making devices’ go down, we wonder how long it will be before the ULEZ project is scrapped? HIN also have it on good authority, that thousands of drivers in the Greater London area are refusing to pay their ULEZ fines. The same situation happened in Birmingham in 2023, with 55k motorists refusing to cough up for the financially inept BCC. Of course, no-one wants to see these lovely TfL cameras felled, nor witness naughty motorists refusing to pay Sadiq Khan ANY ULEZ fine.’

***ULEZ – the shocking truth about the work and connections of London’s mayor, Sadiq Khan… Have you heard about the C40 Group? And the work of the ‘Together’ organisation to address the assault on democracy, cars and transport…

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