Thanks to June Slater for flagging up this information about Sadiq Khan and his connections – this information needs to be common knowledge to understand the long-term plan for ‘the car’ and for ordinary citizens (read through the responses with further information):

“Why do so few people join the dots between Sadiq Khan, the C40 Group & Bill Clinton…C40 Group targets ZERO private car ownership by 2030…Khan is Chair of C40…Clinton & Bloomberg 2 “key people” as noted by Wikipedia…all in plain sight”

See this previous post on my blog featuring events illustrating the undemocratic loss of freedoms – more of the local, national and globalist totalitarianism we are being subjected to:

So where people hadn’t even heard about the C40 Group (well, I hadn’t), the cat is out of the bag now, and people are learning about Khan’s connections and their intentions:

Tide turning?…

‘Newcastle “Low Traffic Neighbourhood” to be scrapped Council “deemed scheme unsuccessful: displaced traffic onto other residential streets, had not prompted more people to start walking or cycling & made ‘little to no impact’ on reducing school traffic”‘:

‘Net Zero by 2050’ – what might that look like according to Norman Fenton:

The Labour Council in Cambridge scrap their Congestion charge:

***ULEZ – the shocking truth about the work and connections of London’s mayor, Sadiq Khan… Have you heard about the C40 Group?

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