This video by Ivor Cummins is only 25 minutes long – a very important 25 minutes that I urge everyone to watch:

I felt this video (link above) is so important that I’ve started a new post, but there are many other references in various posts on my blog.

This is a link to a post featuring more information and evidence about ‘vaccines’ and their harms:

Nov 2023 – It’s now looking like there are millions of covid-19 jab deaths and injuries globally, this is another thread featuring data analyses of jab roll-outs and following deaths:

Robert F Kennedy Jr (candidate for the American presidency) has written a heavily-referenced book describing the work of Fauci and Bill Gates. This is an eye-opener:

Below is a link to an absolutely heartbreaking story about vaccine injury from childhood vaccines:

***Who is Bill Gates? What is the record of ‘vaccine’ injuries and deaths? This is truly a ‘must watch’ video…

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