Watch this really short video of Bob Moran describing his thought processes and work regarding lockdowns and covid jabs – and how the mainstream media (in this case The Telegraph) joined in with manipulating the public with the Government’s messaging and actions:

Alan via X introduces the video interview:

‘When Bob Moran was at the Telegraph towards the end of 2020 and he wanted to take a sceptical approach to the vaccine rollout he was told in no uncertain terms that this wouldn’t be tolerated at the Telegraph. That the vaccines were going to “rescue us from lockdowns”. As he said, what a strange interpretation of events. The way to stop lockdowns was surely for the government to simply stop having them. It suggests that while on the surface the vaccines were supposedly to protect against the virus, the real, and veiled, threat from governments was this: if you don’t have these vaccines, you’ll be locked down for ever. Chilling.’

Here is a link to Bob’s work and to the work of artists, musicians, poets and authors who also express their alarm about national and international developments in various ways:

***Satirist Bob Moran on lockdowns and covid ‘vaccines’…

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