Jim Ferguson raises the question of what is happening, or potentially going to happen, to the United Kingdom’s military forces and sovereignty. Follow the links below to see what Jim has previously raised regarding moves afoot (potentially) that the UK public might not be aware of. After all, our Government does not present as a transparent establishment accountable to the general public, so who knows what agreements could be developing behind closed doors.

Jim writes via X:

“Breaking News: UK. Britain voted to leave the EU. The EU are now saying NO!! We want control of your Military and Security.

Shifting Tides: Britain’s Sovereignty and Identity at the Crossroads in the Wake of EU Defense Union Integration PESCO, by potentially compromising Britain’s defense autonomy and entangling the nation in EU-centric obligations, poses a significant threat to the UK’s cherished sovereignty and independent military prowess. In a pivotal shift, the EU Defense Union intertwines Britain’s military fate with German and Brussels authorities, challenging the British soul. This strategic realignment raises profound questions of identity and sovereignty, stirring deep emotions in the UK. If Britain’s military falls under foreign command, it could be seen as a betrayal of national destiny, possibly causing a rift in British identity. This could spark civil disobedience and protests against the erosion of autonomy over military and security affairs, creating a deep divide between the government and its people. Ursula von der Leyen is after control of British Nukes.

https://x.com/JimFergusonUK/status/1734904564732604424?s=20 The potential presence of foreign EU forces on British soil, to quell any uprising, might ignite nationalistic fervor, turning the streets into a crucible of tension. Such a scenario could alter Britain’s political landscape, with a resurgence of sovereignty-championing leaders and parties. Internationally, it could be viewed as a step towards European unity or a destabilizing factor in Western alliances. Could the EU call up Brits to Fight the Russians?

https://x.com/JimFergusonUK/status/1734144062163161545?s=20 Central to this debate is the EU’s Permanent Structured Cooperation (PESCO), which deepens defense cooperation among member states. For many in Britain, PESCO symbolizes overreach, threatening sovereignty with obligations and dependencies. Joining PESCO could limit Britain’s independent defense actions and dilute its focus on national defense needs, stirring unease over losing control and decision-making power. This alignment with PESCO becomes a critical part of the broader EU Defense Union narrative, posing an existential question for Britain: how to balance its historic independence with the realities of a globalized world. The time has come for our Generals and Commanders who are loyal to Britain and her people to collectively stand together and say NO to this attempted Globalist takeover regardless of what #WEF puppet and arch Globalist #Sunak thinks.”


18th February 2024 – more concerns about the future of security and the UK forces. Andrew Bridgen MP writes:

‘This is the EU defence and security alliance, it will give the EU control of MI5, MI6, GCHQ, our armed forces and our Police.

No! No! No!’

With reference to: ‘David Lammy confirms Labour would seek a new security pact with the EU if elected later this year’


***Could Britain’s military fall under European control? Jim Ferguson outlines the context…

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