Dr Clare Craig provides a comprehensive summary/overview for her witness statement for a Covid Public Inquiry:


This is a heartfelt description of Tonia Buxton’s experiences and thought processes from events these past three years. I can identify with her completely – and I agree that it is not enough just to ‘move on’, we must reflect on these past three years and all the dreadful consequences – and there should be accountability:


It is extraordinary that, to date (March 24th 2023), political leaders such as the UK Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, still state that the jabs are ‘safe and effective’. They clearly are not. They are ‘toxic and lethal’. There are many similar videos (such as this short compilation below) showing jab injuries and families of the jab-killed from across the world – little or nothing on mainstream media of course:


Here you will find a number of important videos providing a record of covid-related information, evidence and inquiries. The person who has provided these videos via the Rumble account writes:

“I’m just a concerned citizen who wants people to be aware that our government along with Big Tech, Big Pharma, and corporate media are corrupt to the core. Hopefully, enough people will wake up before it’s too late.”


It is data that raised early alarms about the accuracy or relevance of the daily graphs (for example, presented on the BBC every day with ‘covid deaths’ to instil fear into the population). ‘Data’ is so important as an indicator. Do follow through to the PANDA site and read the article below reflecting on the claim of how many millions ‘have been saved’ by the covid jabs (also a ‘three year’ reflection):



Estimate of global injuries and deaths from the covid-19 jabs:


Conspiracy factualists:


Commentary on the PCR tests:


Remdesivir in the US; midazolam and morphine in the UK?


Look at the responses to Chris Whitty’s call to continue with vaccines – they largely reflect the loss of public trust as a consequence of the covid-19 experimental jabs:


Gosh – read the responses to this article on the increase of cancer since the lockdowns:


This is a long read (below), but a very detailed statistical record of deaths and how the figures need to be studied to get to the bottom of the truth of the lies and manipulation of the UK people. I’ll just cut to the chase of Simon Elmer’s summary which concludes:

“Since these predictions were made, the experimental viral-vector and messenger RNA gene therapies that, since December 2020, have been injected into more than 50 million UK citizens as ‘Covid–19 vaccines’ continue to kill thousands, injure millions and have a still unknown but already devastating impact on the UK population. The Institute and Faculty of Actuaries has reported 31,000 excess deaths in England and Wales in 2022. The Office for National Statistics recorded 34,700 more deaths last year than the five-year average before the ‘pandemic’. Finally, the Office for Health Improvement and Disparities has recorded increased death-rates not attributed to Covid–19—even according to the criteria I’ve examined in this article—occurring not in the elderly and sick but in the young and healthy.

The truth is, there was never a question of whether the UK Government would impose another lockdown on the UK in 2021, and in doing so justify the criminal ‘vaccination’ programme. Lockdown wasn’t a consequence of the failure of coronavirus-justified regulations and programmes to stop a deadly new virus: it was the product of their success in creating the conditions—including the deaths of tens of thousands of UK citizens—that justified implementing the UK biosecurity state in which we live today. This is the New Normal we were promised, and it has been built on a foundation of lies, damned lies and statistics.”

Simon Elmer is the author of two new volumes of articles on the UK biosecurity state, Virtue and Terror and The New Normal, which are available in hardback, paperback and as an e-book. This article is an extract from an article in Volume 2 entitled ‘Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics: Manufacturing the Crisis’. Please click on these links for the contents pages, introduction and purchase options.


Jab injured and killed in Queensland, Australia:


More professional reflection – Florida:


The truth of the matter – please watch this compilation of short video clips to the end:


People who provide encouragement and support privately need to do so publicly:


Reflect on this:


Named people:


How are the jab injured treated in Scotland:


Sir Christopher Chope must also be given credit for his pursuing of vaccine damage questions and raising the issue of payments for vaccine injured and bereaved in Parliament:


Where did flu go:


Vile, manipulative messaging via the BBC:


Nurses criticising lockdowns and vaccines:


Graham Brady’s comments looking back – too little, too late? Covering his back?


‘Alan’ reflects on the covid ‘pandemic’ and responses to it – similar to many others’ thought processes:


Courageous nurse whistle-blower – short video – watch to the end:


What about the children’s voice for the covid inquiry in England? ‘UsForThemUK’ has raised this issue with a formal letter to the chair, Baroness Hallett:


***Three year anniversary of the covid lockdowns – time to reflect or move on? What about accountability and inquiry into lockdowns and jab harms? And where did ‘flu’ go?

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