This is a long read (via the Tweet below), about statins and covid-19 jab outcomes – but very important – so I wanted to include it on my blog.

I was actually watching the BBC News item when Dr Aseem Malhotra was the invited guest ‘expert’ – clearly the intent of those pulling the strings of the BBC was to promote the use of ‘statins’. Aseem was brilliant, he very cleverly, calmly and professionally side-stepped the promotion of statins (the obvious aim of the news item) by raising worries about their effectiveness, and raising the issue of jab harms. I cheered. I told my husband this in great excitement – breaking through on the BBC! It was a first. This was HUGE considering the BBC has been, and continues to be, a propaganda branch for the Government and for Big Pharma. I knew that the news reader would be horrified to be caught out like this – and that Aseem would not be invited back! This was the case – and the bought-and-paid-for corrupted people set out to discredit Aseem as a consequence.

Now, why were statins being promoted by the BBC at that time? My opinion, my observation, is that this was the period when heart attacks started to be rising in numbers, including in young people, and could not be ignored. News articles were appearing everywhere with all sorts of ‘reasons’ – most of which seemed utterly ridiculous. This led to a lot of ironic tweets with a growing list of so-called ’causes’ of the rise in heart attacks. Also, defibrillators were appearing everywhere. I even saw a painting on the side of a bus along the lines of ‘Even children have heart attacks’. It was all sickening and very suspicious. Everything was attributed to be causing the rise in heart problems – everything except the covid-19 jabs of course. This is still the case today as we have a significant rise in ‘excess deaths’ that the UK Parliament is refusing to investigate.

Anyway, I knew nothing about statins – but I do think the article (link below) is seriously worth reading. We have reached a period when everyone needs to allow themselves a wake-up call about pharmaceuticals. At least keep an open mind – and investigate. And, for goodness sake, don’t take your doctors word for anything. He or she may be a really good, caring and committed professional, but subject to brainwashing and falling into the greatest trap of all – unquestioning TRUST.

If nothing else, we know that the notion of TRUST has to be earned nowadays. We can take nothing for granted. The world is simply not what we thought it was:

***Statins and Covid-19 ‘vaccines’ (I hate calling them ‘vaccines’ as the definition was changed in the dictionaries)

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