This is an important development that many people have been wondering about – Andrew Bridgen’s next steps. Not only has Andrew declared his move to the Reclaim Party (10th May 2023) after years of being a Conservative, he has also confirmed his intention to sue Matt Hancock for defamation. Watch this space – as the saying goes…

Andrew Bridgen describes his reasons for joining the Reclaim Party rather than the Reform Party:

I hope Esther McVey MP will be next to reconsider whether she stays with the Conservative Party or not – she’s on the side of the people:

On the point of principle of using a holocaust slur to shut down Andrew Bridgen, this action deserves support:

Laurence Fox, leader of the Reclaim Party, comments on the Government’s appalling failure to acknowledge and discuss excess deaths and treatment of Andrew Bridgen:

Do read this – the way forwards for a different and fairer political system away from the ‘Duopoly’ of the Labour and Conservative Parties:

Brits dying in higher than average numbers and yet Andrew Bridgen has been vilified and expelled from the Conservative Party for raising the issue of jab injured and killed, and excess deaths, in Parliament. It’s clear to many people that the Government, indeed Parliament, daren’t or don’t want to open the Pandora’s Box:


Those who oppose Andrew Bridgen never seem to say they’ve looked at the research he has flagged up, nor do they seem to bring research findings to the table, instead, they just badmouth him one way or another:

The vaccine trials were a ‘complete fraud’:

Who is accountable:

Andrew Bridgen raises the issue of the ‘BBC Verify’ programme and asks the question who checks the fact checkers. But listen to Penny Mordaunt’s response – gaslighting at its finest:

***4) MP Andrew Bridgen’s new beginning with the Reclaim Party…

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