Claire Fox is brilliant at identifying what should be established Points of Principle, promoting them, and challenging when these are abandoned or abused…

Another example – PayPal this time:

People informed of how to investigate why Nat West debanked them – reported in The Times:

“The country’s biggest banks have quietly introduced the right to monitor customers’ social media into their privacy policies…”

This is the article in The Telegraph:

“Andrew Griffith, economic secretary to the Treasury, is writing to the bosses of the big banks to summon them to a meeting…”

Nat West boss, Alison Rose, resigns over Nigel Farage’s bank account leak:

World Economic Forum plans for banking – digital implants under your skin:

The plot thickens – how disingenuous is this of the UK Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak:

What will the ‘settlement’ be for Alison Rose – and does that seem fair if she was incapable of doing her job properly – lacking banking principles and integrity?

CEO of Coutts, Peter Flavel, now steps down:

***Banks’ and Finance Companies’ corporate bullying – what’s this all about then…

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