The New Chartist Movement featuring the Common Law Constitution

This is a very brief interview, but leaves one wondering, ‘How can the rights in the Constitution be translated in practical ways, in current times, for addressing all the unaccountable actions of the UK Parliament riding roughshod over the people’s lives and livelihoods?’

The question that also arises for me is, ‘How can ordinary people hold the Police to account for the failure to respond to people attempting to lodge crimes against the government based on many documents of evidence that they have provided various police forces?’

Conversation featuring the Constitution:

Neil Oliver asks questions about the Constitution – and in doing so makes it clear that the situation about people’s sovereignty nowadays is looking as clear as mud, “Are we a sovereign people or not?”

***Common Law Constitution – if you are a responsible, compassionate, UK citizen concerned about holding those in (increasingly despotic) authority to account, I suggest spending some time reading the information and proposed actions of this organisation: the New Chartist Movement

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