Please listen to the circumstances of the AstraZeneca jab-injured and bereaved – a full explanation is provided and a heartfelt plea for support. These injuries and deaths could have occurred to anyone who had the jabs. Remember people were told constantly that the jabs were ‘100% safe and effective’ and people were heavily coerced to take them ‘for the sake of others’ (and rebuked and vilified if people refused). ‘There But for the Grace of God Go I’ Time is short to make a contribution – thank you.

Read more about AstraZeneca:

While jab-injured and bereaved appeal to people’s decency, compassion and sense of fair play to support them in their court case, consider how much (public) money is utterly squandered day in and day out – here is an example of PPE corruption it seems:

Mike Fairclough writes via X: ‘Esther McVey MP, speaking in the UK Parliament, “The ‘safe and effective’ mantra is now utterly destroyed and those of us who spoke publicly about our concerns regarding the Covid vaccines have been completely vindicated” This speech which will go down in history as a pivotal moment in the battle for justice. The truth is winning and it can’t be stopped!’

See the video of Esther McVey’s speech in the UK Parliament:

Dr Stephen and Charlotte Wright

Charlotte explains “Stephen was only 32 years old. He was everything to us. He worked in an amazing career, helping vulnerable children, and worked his way to Senior Clinical Psychologist for Great Ormond Street Hospital in just 4 short years of being a qualified doctor. He also ran his own private practice and specifically learned how to be part of the team to diagnose Autism which he planned on doing some pro-bono work to help those move quicker through the huge queues on the NHS. Even with all his responsibilities as the main breadwinner (I was on maternity leave from my job when he died) he still came home and helped with the kids in between his two jobs and supported me in every single way. As one of the first to die from this vaccine;Stephen’s loss has had a devastating impact on us as a whole family; emotionally and financially. My sons will have to grow up without their father from a very young age, which has had a profound effect on their lives and development, and the long term affect is unfathomable. We continue to suffer emotional trauma fighting to be heard and for the vaccine injured and bereaved families to finally get justice. We will never give up, but we need your help”

See this link below which will give you the crowdfunding link too:

16th Dec 2023 – Vibuk via X writes: ‘At least 243 people have been told by the governments vaccine damage payment scheme that they accept their life changing injuries were caused by the vaccine, however the individuals personal assessors decided that they were not injured enough… without giving a personal assessment!

This is how our government are caring for those most affected by the vaccines – the care is non existent! We will continually campaign for reform to the VDPS But we have been left with no choice but to litigate as our requests for reform have been continually ignored by the government. Please help us bring our class action law suits against AstraZeneca & the government. With your help and amazing donations we have now managed to issue the first case, but we still have a long way to go. For more info please see our crowd justice page. Please donate what you can and share to help us get justice for everyone affected’

Dec 2023 – ‘A life ruined by the vaccine – and a new low in the battle for compensation’ by Sally Beck in The Conservative Woman:

Do read the whole piece, this is the introduction…

‘THE battle for Covid vaccine injury compensation has reached new lows. Claire Hibbs, a victim of AstraZeneca’s potentially fatal blood clotting disorder, vaccine-induced immune thrombotic thrombocytopenia (VITT), was told by a top neurologist: ‘Give yourself a pat on the back for taking one for the team.’

The professor, at Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge, went on to explain that all medical interventions came with risks and said: ‘There will always be a case with medication when it goes wrong.’ He then claimed to know nothing about VITT, (although he later mentioned it in his patient report) – the serious adverse reaction caused by AZ’s Covid jab which hit headlines after 14 European countries paused their rollout. He gave her a diagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS); fatigue is often a symptom of brain injury. This allowed the government to dismiss her claim as less than 60 per cent injured by the vaccine.’

***Nov 2023 – Crowdfunding to take AstraZeneca and the UK Government to court for jab-injured and bereaved – please, please support. Learn how the UK Government is treating the jab-injured and bereaved…

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