Kevin – WE THE PEOPLE has flagged up a short video on X of Former judge and Member of European Parliament:

@mislavkolakusic absolutely demolishes the World Economic Forum and their ilk.

“The world’s most dangerous international association @wef is having a meeting at Davos, Switzerland this week”

“This meeting will consist of billionaires, corporations, lobbyists and politicians ELECTED with THEIR MONEY!!”

“There is NO GREATER DANGER to the rule of LAW, DEMOCRACY and the ‘Free Market’ than this group!!

Their PRIVATE FINANCIAL INTEREST matters more than the interests of HUMANITY!!!”

“It is the largest NETWORKED ORGANIZATION of the world’s conspirators that are CREATING all the global agendas”

“Recently, we have seen WARS, PANDEMICS and the so-called GREEN movement, which leads to IMPOVERISHMENT and SUFFERING of billions of people!!”

“Malicious ideas are created there, then worked out later in EXTREME DETAIL by the MEDIA and the POLITICIANS that they OWN!!”

“The World Economic Forum is by definition : the largest creator of corruption in the world”


‘Member of European Parliament and former judge @mislavkolakusic goes OFF on the “FAKE” #Covid#Vaccine and blatant CORRUPTION in the EU:

“We are witnessing the destruction of BILLIONS of doses of the so-called #Covid#Vaccine around the world that NO ONE wants anymore!!!”

“$ Billions of euros of TAX PAYERS money is being BURNED and NO ONE even asked those TAX PAYERS anything when the #Vaccines were bought!! They didn’t even ask us!? The people that are elected to represent those TAX PAYERS!!!”

“It would be better if we BURNED all these #Covid#Vaccines and SAVED MANY LIVES and the HEALTH of our citizens!!!”

“They purchased 4.6 BILLION DOSES of #Covid#Vaccine for 360 million adults in the European Union in complete OBSCURITY and SECRECY!!! This indicates the BIGGEST CORRUPTION SCANDAL in the European Union’s history!!!”

No matter what happens, the TRUTH will come out to the public!! The #NWO gatekeepers, the media is the only reason that the uninformed public is still somewhat unaware of these FACTS – Lets see how long they can keep that up without completely demolishing their reputation:

Croatian MEP, Mislav Kolakusic, addresses ‘climate change’ in the European Parliament:

***So what is the World Economic Forum (WEF) – and what are the plans of this organisation? And corruption in the European Parliament…

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