Are you open-minded enough (and concerned enough) to read up on ‘vaccines’ – their history, the ‘science’, their efficacy, their potential benefits versus harm? This is something many people wouldn’t have even considered doing prior to the covid-19 ‘vaccines’ – but in light of an alarming number of harms and deaths from the various covid jabs leading to alarm and a lack of trust in ‘big pharma’ and associated regulatory organisations, we now have a different context with regard to finding out more about the vaccines that many people (probably most) have previously accepted and trusted in good faith and tradition.

Dr Denis Rancourt writes:

Q: Will the vile unscientific practice of vaccination be ended in our time?

Here is a list of excellent books with hundreds, thousand of references inside. This list is maintained on my website:

(See the latest update additions at the bottom of this list, below.) Add your suggestions in comment.’

This is an interesting and potentially very important finding:

So who is Dr Denis Rancourt? See earlier posts and presentations here:

21 May 2024 – Flagged up by Sense Receptor via X:

“Vaccines have gotten out of hand…now 5 studies show it’s safer to go natural! Take no vaccines whatsoever…there’s lower rates of allergic diseases, atopic dermatitis…lower rates of attention deficit disorder, [and] other neuropsychiatric disorders like autism.”

Internist, cardiologist, and epidemiologist Dr. Peter McCullough (@P_McCulloughMD) describes for Marc Morano (@ClimateDepot) on TNT Radio (@tntradiolive) why children should “go natural” and “take no vaccines whatsoever.” The physician says that children who avoid the CDC’s schedule—which he notes is now up to 108 shots in total(!)—are healthier overall, avoiding allergies, neurological disorders, and other diseases.

“Vaccines have gotten out of hand…so many of the problems that vaccines handle, we can handle with antibiotics, or the problems are so…rare…we’re not fighting smallpox or measles or rubella or even chickenpox or mumps. And the vaccines didn’t make them go away, we got better sanitation, diphtheria and tetanus we treat with Z-Pak now….The vaccines are largely obsolete,” McCullough tells Morano.

The cardiologist and internist goes on to note:

“They served a purpose, in terms of their intent years ago, and a child today, I think would face 108 shots. And the concern is this is just too much, it’s going to raise problems in the body [and] now five studies show it’s safer to go natural!

Take no vaccines whatsoever, healthy child, there’s lower rates of allergic diseases, atopic dermatitis, need for ear tubes, lower rates of attention deficit disorder, other neuropsychiatric disorders like autism. Even chickenpox, if you take the chickenpox vaccine, yeah, you’re less likely to get chickenpox—doesn’t work 100%—but you’re more likely to get shingles as an adult. See, that’s the problem: with vaccines, there’s no free lunch.”

Jessica Rojas flags up yet another heartbreaking account of a baby killed by vaccines:

‘Shared by Mommy Suzanne –

“I didn’t get it from google.

I didn’t hear or read about it coming from a celebrity.

I didn’t first see it on facebook.

And I sure as hell didn’t hear it from any doctor that profits off of each injection.

I witnessed it.

I seen it with my own eyes.

I live the nightmare every day and night.

I had My Healthy Son vaccinated.

The 1st picture is MY HAPPY, HEALTHY SON before he was poisoned.

The 2nd is him swollen after the injections and his system shutting down. He stopped eating.

And the 3rd is to show everyone just how safe & effective vaccines really are.


Another vaccine-killed child:

‘Sweet 10 year old child dies post HPV vaccine- Isabella’s Mother shares her story.

“Isabella Zuggi was a happy, healthy 10-year-old who loved reading Harry Potter books. She had no major health issues when she received her first and only Gardasil injection on August 26, 2022. Two weeks after the shot, Isabella developed headaches, lethargy, stomach pains, body aches, and intermittent fevers. An infectious disease consult found that Isabella had myelin oligodendrocyte glycoprotein (MOG) antibodies. MOG antibody disorders are acute, inflammatory, demyelinating diseases of the central nervous system.  According to the complaint, MOG antibody–related autoimmunity has been reported after several vaccines, including Gardasil.

According to studies, the Gardasil vaccine is “among the most commonly reported vaccinations linked to central nervous system demyelination.” Research has repeatedly linked Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis with the HPV vaccination. Isabella died on November 5, 2022. The cause of death was listed as Acute Encephalitis Associated with Anti-MOG Antibody Production.

Isabella’s mother, Kristine, said that if she had been made aware that Gardasil had the potential to hurt her child, she would not have given consent for Isabella to receive the vaccine. Zuggi said Merck’s scare tactics made her feel like she had to vaccinate her daughter to protect her from cervical cancer. “My daughter could light up a room with her wonderful sense of humor and her loving, creative spirit. But that light started to dim from the moment she received the Gardasil injection. No one told me that the pain and suffering Izzy endured before she died was possible. But I am here to tell you that it is possible, and it’s shameful that a mother who lost her daughter has to warn people about the dangers of this vaccine, while the company that makes it is trying to keep those dangers a secret.” – Kristine Zuggi, Isabella’s mother. They’re currently suing HHS for the death of this sweet child.’

14 June 2024 – The Vigilant Fox flags up this:

‘Jillian Michaels Has Doubts About the Hepatitis B Vaccine

She wonders why newborns are injected for a disease that occurs in “drug addicts and people who have risky sex.” Mothers are tested for Hep B, so the disease poses no risk to the baby.

What doctors never tell you is that the Hepatitis B vaccine contains FIVE TIMES the amount of aluminum deemed safe for adults. This is the sick “birthday present” we give to our children.’

Sense Receptor flags this video via X:

“[The] entire schedule is built on a myth. It’s also built on the belief that they’re safe. They are not safe. They’ve contributed to huge declines in the health of our children…and if I had a young child today, they would not receive a single vaccine from the CDC schedule.”

Board-certified specialist in pulmonary diseases, internal medicine, and critical care medicine Dr. Pierre Kory (@PierreKory) describes for Marc Morano (@ClimateDepot) on TNT Radio (@tntradiolive) how the COVID injections led him to investigate the CDC’s childhood vaccine schedule. Upon investigation, Kory says, he discovered that the “vaccines” are “not safe” and are not responsible for the decline of childhood illnesses.

Kory says the following: “Having learned what I learned about the COVID vaccines, I began to study the childhood vaccines…And I have to tell you what we’re told, and what we just automatically believe in medical school…you’re just taught that vaccines rid the world of these deadly childhood illnesses and it was all due to vaccines—that is a myth. That entire schedule is built on a myth. It’s also built on the belief that they’re safe. They are not safe. They’ve contributed to huge declines in the health of our children…and if I had a young child today, they would not receive a single vaccine from the CDC schedule.

***May 2024 – Dr Denis Rancourt’s list of recommended reading of the research into vaccines – and examples of babies, children and adults killed by vaccines…

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