See this thread on X provided by the Family Education Trust (several video clips):

Statement from @GillianKeegan on RSE guidance.

She says parents are the first educators of their children and must be able to see all materials on RSE.

Gender identity must not be taught.

Sex education will not be taught until Y5 and must be age appropriate and fact-based.

Below is an earlier post featuring many examples of gender ideology infiltrating the school curriculum (in the US and the UK) to illustrate just how pervasive and insidious this state of affairs has become:

16th May 2024 – Gillian Keegan, Secretary of State for Education, makes a short public statement about forthcoming guidance:

‘Headteachers and teachers have been asking me for more clarity on how RSHE should be taught. That’s what we’re delivering today.’

***May 2024 – New governmental developments in England regarding sex education and relationships in primary schools – very important!

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