Swiss cardiologist, Thomas Binder, calls for the abolishment of the WHO. “Enough is enough!”

Watch this short but damning video statement by cardiologist Thomas Binder – and look at the content in the various responses:

21 May 2024 – As the ‘infected blood scandal’ hits the headlines in the UK, Mike Fairclough points out the recent past and disgraceful state of affairs as described in The Telegraph thus:

‘The Covid vaccines still have no long-term safety data and pose a risk of serious injury and death.

@GOVUK and @NHSEngland rolling them out to our nation’s children should be met with the same degree of outrage and calls for accountability as the current response to the infected blood scandal.

“The NHS allowed doctors to follow unsafe treatment policies and practices, with some exploiting this so far as to experiment on children.

What makes such inquiries more powerful is how they are exposing pathologies of the British state that are not historic but eternal. The past treatment of haemophiliacs speaks to an enduring culture of cover-up that officials have warned is still endemic in the NHS.

Britain’s crisis of institutions is becoming dangerous. It is impossible to ignore the fact that an archaic, entrenched, corrupted bureaucracy shows little compunction over lying to its people. The ruling class’s favouring of closed government over democracy, of loyalty over objective truth, of order over freedom, saving face over the preservation of public trust, have emerged strongly as recurring themes’

The Telegraph

And Molly Kingsley writes (see all the headlines via the link below):

A criminal cover-up on an industrial scale” (Andy Burnham)

‘Every single front page today awash with news of a medical scandal involving systemic mis-governance spanning the civil service, the NHS, pharmaceutical companies and ministers; warnings unheeded; thousands robbed of healthy life; criminal experimentation on children many of whom did not need treatment; benefits overstated and risks downplayed; a deliberate cover-up; Ministers crying crocodile tears about our day of national shame; mayors talking about a ‘criminal cover up on an industrial scale’.

Yet not a SINGLE one amongst them willing to broach what millions of us are thinking: that on its face this appears to be a carbon copy of the Covid vaccine scandal, a scandal still unfurling yet which is already known to have injured at least thousands and likely many more, a scandal in which it seems the NHS, Ministers and civil servants are complicit and, even as these articles are printed, the organs of the State refuse to disclose data about excess deaths and answer questions raised by concerned Parliamentarians; and most important a scandal which might still be STOPPED in time to save injury and life were any of these people brave enough to find their voice.

Speaking about a wrong thirty years after the event when an equivalent event may be unfolding before our eyes. A shameful day indeed for the British State. 1/2′

Infected Blood Inquiry Report. Excerpts:

Adopting an attitude of denial towards the risks of treatment

Treating children unnecessarily

Falsely reassuring the public and patients

Systemic collective and individual failures to deal ethically, appropriately and quickly with the risk…

Scale of what has happened is horrifying

Failure to put patient safety first

Failing to tell people of the risks of treatment and of available alternative treatments, thus treating them without their informed consent.”

Conducting research on people without, in many cases, telling them (or in the case of children, their parents) beforehand, or informing them of the risks and whether the research would enhance their treatment or primarily benefit others, and without obtaining properly informed consent.”

absence of any meaningful apology and redress

A lack of openness, transparency and candour, shown by the NHS and government, such that the truth has been hidden for decades.

It will be astonishing to anyone who reads this Report that these events could have happened in the UK. It may also be surprising that the questions why so many deaths and infections occurred have not had answers before now.”

22 May 2024 – Read the article and the responses in The Conservative Woman:

Blood scandal and covid cover-up – spot the difference

By Margaret Ashworth

[This was one of many interesting responses, in effect raising the issue of a captured mainstream media: ‘This article fails to account for the chameleon characteristics of our media. The moment they smell blood in the water they will turn on covid just as they have now turned on the government over the Post Office scandal. What took them so long? They will do precisely the same thing with the climate change loonies as the harms of their behaviour begin to emerge. Never attribute courage, conviction, honour, honesty or any other positive characteristics to 99% of journalists, they will even stab their own in the back.’]

***Swiss cardiologist Thomas Binder: “Enough is enough… This modified RNA genocide is the greatest crime in human history, a humanitarian disaster of unprecedented proportions. Currently, the pharmaceutical industry is working on transferring all vaccinations to the modified RNA vaccine platform.” Also references to the ‘Infected Blood Scandal’ in the UK…

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