Dr Tess Lawrie and team fight back on the world’s behalf. Watch the short video statement by Solicitor Philipp Kruse and follow the X thread for any developments…


14th May 2024 – UK Parliament debate about the WHO Pandemic Accords flagged up by UsForThemUK:

UK Government refuses to say whether Parliament will get a vote on the WHO’s Pandemic Accords There was a debate yesterday on the @WHO Pandemic Accords in the UK Houses of Parliament. The Minister was asked multiple times to give assurance that Parliament would have its chance to vote on the accords, should the UK decide to accede. He declined to do so. Watch here as Parliamentarians are fed excuses, caveats and non-answers in response to their straightforward requests.


May 2024 – UsForThemUK flags up Suella Braverman’s comments in the UK Parliament about the WHO Pandemic Accords:

No pandemic treaty is better than a bad pandemic treaty“. UK former Attorney General @SuellaBraverman bang on the money in yesterday’s parliamentary debate on the @WHO Pandemic Accords.

I am profoundly sceptical about the World Health Organisation’s ability to manage a global pandemic, in the light of serious errors of judgment, poor leadership and, I am afraid, well-chronicled conflicts of interest that have subsequently emerged. Of course we can help poorer countries and collaborate with other nations, but under no circumstances must we surrender our sovereignty or sign up to a lockdown charter. I hear what he says about how the text currently on the table does not bind our hands, but he will know, as many of us do, that in the heat of an emergency during a real pandemic, irresistible pressure will mount on a Government to make decisions that may well turn out to be wholly harmful, as we found, and the wrong decisions for the good of the country. Will he agree that, fundamentally, to coin a phrase, no pandemic treaty is better than a bad pandemic treaty?


Danny Kruger’s contribution in the House of Commons:

@danny__kruger: “We know what the real agenda of the WHO is from the drafts that have been submitted in recent months. It wants to have binding powers over national Governments to introduce all sorts of restrictive measures on our citizens; it wants to be able to direct the health budgets of member states; and it wants to introduce global digital health passports and other measures. The WHO is an organisation that aspires, in words that are still in the draft treaty, to be ‘the directing and coordinating authority on international health work, including on pandemic prevention, preparedness and response’.”


Note: Scroll through the titles of all earlier Naked Emperor blog posts where there are several other references to the WHO.

***6th May 2024 – Dr Tess Lawrie announces, “Swiss Solicitor Philipp Kruse delivered Notices of Liability to four individuals at the World Health Organisation today.” And further developments…

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