Well, well, well – is some justice taking place at last – the amazing Christine Anderson MEP flags up this important development in Canada via X. She writes,

‘UhOh, Federal Court declares @JustinTrudeau ’s use of Emergencies Act unconstitutional? Who is anti-constitutional now?

@JustinTrudeau, looks like there are some apologies in order, don’t you think? I know a bunch of participants of the @FreedomConvoy22 who are waiting!

Come on, do the right thing for once: Man up and apologize for your major screw up! Better yet, time to step down, it’s way overdue anyway.’ https://tnc.news/2024/01/23/federal-court-declares-trudeaus-emergencies-act-unconstitutional/

See what other people think:


What next I wonder?

The call for freedom and justice in Canada:


***23rd January 2024 – update on the Canadian Truckers’ protest – Federal Court declares Trudeau’s use of Emergencies Act unconstitutional!

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