25th January 2024 – As dodgy globalist hypocrites including those in the WEF and the WHO continue to engender fear in the general population about ‘preparedness’ for ‘the next pandemic – disease X’, we now see signs of doom-mongering regarding measles (they’ve already tried with Monkey Pox and other scary-sounding viruses).

‘Informed Consent Matters’ via X is challenging the doom-mongering and also the lack of, and importance of, ‘informed consent’ thus:

The despotic push for compulsory vaccination of children has begun, with @Independent journalist @_SeanOGrady pushing for unvaccinated children to be excluded from school and their parents denied state benefits. PLEASE SHARE our open letter to O’Grady https://informedconsentmatters.co.uk/post/open-letter-to-national-newspaper-re-compulsory-vaccines

I HIGHLY recommend you read the ‘open letter’ available via the link below:


A heartfelt and knowledgeable warning raising questions regarding the efficacy and use of ‘vaccines’:


Evidence of intentional plans to use bio-weapon diseases and vaccines to the detriment of people:


A professional analysis of international data to evidence that the covid jabs are indeed toxic and have killed millions and injured billions – and yet at the time of this post, the covid jab is still being used in many countries including the UK:


In the UK (and indeed in other countries), the jab injured and bereaved have been very badly treated – virtually ignored – with no liability to be seen of the pharmaceutical companies, medical establishments and governments pushing the jabs:


Many scientists and medics from around the world have tried to raise the alarm about the toxic covid jabs but there has been widespread censorship and vilification. Those raising the alarm (since the early days) have the requisite credentials and experience – indeed some are ‘world leading’ in their fields – and it is soon became clear that the mainstream media and many celebrities are also complicit in the covid pandemic scam, propaganda, vilification and cover up:


In England’s context, only one headteacher spoke out publicly about safeguarding children from having an unproven jab – including the fact they were not in danger from the covid-19 virus. Read what happened to him when he spoke out – yet another vaccine without ‘informed consent’ – indeed the government introduced measures so that children 12 and over could go against their parents wishes and even behind their parents’ backs to have the jab. How could that be considered ‘informed consent’ and acceptable?


Further objections to the toxic jabs:


Information about the dangers of the HPV jab and Bill Gates’ plans for the global use of vaccines:


And there are many posts on my blog featuring the plans of the unelected World Health Organisation – a dangerous and unaccountable organisation – planning to take over world health and transcend the authority of governments of different nations.

For research into the effect of vaccines, look up the work of Dr Suzanne Humphries:


***Informed Consent Matters – indeed, we all know this, so what’s the reality when it comes to vaccines – not just the toxic covid jabs but any vaccines…

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