Foreword by Joe Smalley (22 May, 2024):

‘The indomitable Douglas Brodie argues that climate change is a politically motivated hoax designed to impose totalitarian control and redistribute wealth through flawed science and data manipulation. 

He traces its origins to anti-capitalist ideologies and figures like Maurice Strong, criticizes the scientific basis for CO2-induced warming, and highlights manipulation by influential figures and organizations. 

Doug contends that Net Zero policies are economically damaging and futile, urging skepticism towards the establishment and advocating for voting against mainstream political parties supporting climate policies.’

Previous posts featuring aspects of ‘climate change’:

Coincidentally, just as I went to post this new blog entry on X, this post (below) popped into my feed. Andrew Bridgen writes:

“We own the science” leads to disaster.

I asked the Science Minister about World Economic Forum contributor – and UN Comms Director – Melissa Fleming’s recent statement: “we own the science.” She was talking about Climate change, but this is the globalist attitude across the board.

In reply I was told it is “intrinsic in the scientific method that research is impartial.” So what will he do about WEF funding of regulators and Universities being used to direct research? He didn’t say.’

[NOTE: You must watch this very short clip – Melissa Fleming chillingly says, ‘We own the science and we think that the world, you know, should know it.’]

24 May 2024 – This is interesting, Andrew Bridgen flags up a site opposing the man-made climate change disaster:

‘So we know at least 1600 scientists AREN’T on the WEF payroll. Is that enough to save us from this fraud?’

‘THERE IS NO CLIMATE EMERGENCY’ Over 1600 scientists sign ‘No Climate Emergency’ declaration:

***A data-informed essay ‘Debunking the climate change hoax’ by Doug Brodie (foreword by Joe Smalley)

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