Dr Peter McCullough has this to say (and do read the responses):

‘Does Dr. Birx know the proximal origin of the current bird flu outbreak is a government research lab? Why is she pushing for mass PCR testing of healthy livestock to drive up the false positive case count in animals? Could it be to force for both veterinary and human H5N1 vaccination? https://preprints.org/manuscript/202406.0060/v1


Below is a thread featuring mass PCR testing used to push the narrative of large numbers of cases of covid-19:


7 June 2024 – Dr Denis Rancourt states:

They are rolling out another PCR pandemic

The new virus will be found to spread globally by testing sewage, milk, farm animals… The PCR test will be said to detect a specific molecular sequence, without ever demonstrating specificity or calibration using a pure standard sample of the computer-inferred molecular fragment … not to mention demonstrating that the said molecular fragment is uniquely associated with a new pathogen All development will be performed for profit, without any cumbersome independent validation, since professional independence was abolished decades ago The cure will be patented mRNA vaccines, which will not need to be safe or effective, because pandemic Thus, health and the food supply will be protected (some sarcasm)’


10 June 2024 – Watch the short video and read the responses to Kat A stating this via X:

‘Historically Avian flu is not easily transmitted between humans and Dr Kelly Victory is certain the only way that changes is if it has been manipulated in a lab.

She is appalled by the unnecessary culling of millions of birds/cattle for a problem that can be solved by allowing for the natural process of herd immunity. Not to mention a dire warning against the dangers of mass vaccination which will only drive mutation, increase the resistance of the virus and cause more carnage.

Have we learnt nothing’


11 June 2024 – Sandra Whedon points out this information:

‘BIRD FLU EU securing 40 MILLION doses, the U.K. to securing ‘preventative vaccine doses?’ Here we go!’

With reference to this article:

‘The doses are intended for those most exposed to the virus, such as poultry farm workers and veterinarians. The United States, Canada AND BRITAIN are also in the process of securing preventative vaccine doses.’


11 June 2024 – Liz Churchill flags up this statement:

“I can point out that the statement made by the World Health Organization is pretty bad…since it speaks of a fatal case of ‘Bird Flu’ which was NOT the case…”

Jorge Alcocer, Health Secretary of Mexico CALLING OUT WHO for LYING.


***June 2024 – And now ‘bird flu’ (are we surprised) … read about the events and the responses

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