Senator Malcolm Roberts (‘One Nation’, Australia) is another brave soul who has spoken out loud and clear during this ‘covid’ period. This short speech speaks volumes – and it represents so many others across the world, not just the ‘One Nation’ people:

Senator Malcolm Roberts launched a ‘blistering attack on climate alarmists’ calling upon developments in the UK including rolling back ‘net zero’ deadlines:

Senator Malcolm Roberts calling out ‘the bullshit’… planned for decades:

Another short video clip of the amazing Senator Malcolm Roberts raising questions and serious concerns:

Kat A states via X: ‘Deals have been done and indemnities given to get Moderna’s production plant into Australia. In lockstep with the WHO’s plans to rollout 400 new MRNA products for humans/livestock/pets. Hence the public campaign to maintain the ‘safe and effective mantra’ at all costs. Today the relentless Senator Malcolm Roberts asked the right questions about blanket indemnities for experimental products which disincentives safety.’

Below is a powerful short video featuring the thousands of covid jab injured in Australia who have yet to be supported with compensation:

‘The government admits the Covid “vaccines” seriously injured thousands of Australians but is restricting compensation, and won’t investigate how our health systems and institutions became so brutal and tyrannical. And now one of the few MPs to defend the victims, Russell @BroadbentMP, has left the @LiberalAus party after losing preselection. “Our people have lost hope, they’ve lost control of their lives,” he tells Alan Jones. “It’s an absolute blight on the parliament, a blight on the Liberal Party, and it ought to fill those who are responsible with an awful sense of shame,” Alan says.’

The link below is another video of Senator Malcolm Roberts providing challenge to the march of bringing in the ‘Digital ID Bill’ – a globalists’ plan indeed!

Kat A writes: ‘A highly contentious debate in the Senate today over the Digital ID Bill as Senator Malcolm Roberts moved to delay it. Under the guise of safety and convenience Katy Gallagher MP argued that it was not a a digital ID, not mandatory and not some worldwide conspiracy. Despite the fact that already they make it almost impossible to access Govt. services without complying with the MyGov app. Despite the fact worldwide Govts are moving in lockstep to rollout digital ID in accordance with written globalist guidelines. Senator Matt Canavan was so fired up he decided to interject into the debate. Thank God there are still a few good men to stand for the truth.’

15th January 2024: Below is another short video clip of Malcolm Roberts raising the alarm about the totalitarian take-over of the World Economic Forum introduced by Kat A via X:

‘Senator Malcolm Roberts explains exactly why Klaus Schwab and the WEF have an uphill battle on their hands as they meet in Davos today to ‘rebuild trust’

The great reset is nothing more than a life time subscription to slavery where billionaire corporations own everything and everyday citizens rent what they need if their social credit score allows. The great resist must happen. ‘We stand for a world where individuals and communities have primacy over predatory globalist billionaires and their bureaucrats, politicians and mouthpiece media.’ What a legend he is!!’

27th February 2024 – Update from Malcolm Roberts about ‘unlawful’ jab mandates. He writes via X:

‘BREAKING: The Supreme Court has declared COVID Vaccine Mandates for QLD police and paramedics are “unlawful”. Justice Glenn Martin said the orders were illegal under the Human Rights Act, ‘of no effect’ and banned the government from taking any action to enforce them.’

Follow the link below for the full story:

***Senator Malcolm Roberts – and his serious questions with regards to political events in Australia – including the harms of covid jabs. He raises the alarm about the global take-over plans of the World Economic Forum (WEF)

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