16th April 2024 – Freedom Podcast on X provides a series of short videos with information:

Freedom Podcast : Episode 0014 “The Care Home Massacre”

‘Dear First Minister What caused 2,500 excess deaths in Scottish Care Homes during your lockdown of summer 2020?

Was it ‘COVID’ or was it your ‘COVID-response’ and treatments protocols?

Does ‘Assisted dying” include the implementation of DNR orders & NG163 end of life drugs?’


6th May 2024 – Dr John Campbell’s video on the ‘Midazolam Deaths’ flagged up by Andrew Bridgen MP:

‘Dr John Campbell,takes us through the Wilson Sy peer reviewed paper which raises the prospect of systemic euthanasia which started with #NG163. https://youtube.com/watch?v=Z3cqo9V2MzM


Here is a previous post featuring ‘iatrocide – the act of killing a patient by medical treatment:


*** Freedom Podcast: ‘The Care Home Massacre’ Scotland… and Dr John Campbell looking into the ‘Midazolam Deaths’

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