29th March 2024 – Having followed the developments regarding serious adverse effects including millions of deaths from covid jabs, I find it shocking – despicable – that they are still in existence at all. Medics such as Dr Peter McCullough – and many more – have called for their complete withdrawal for some considerable time. Dr Denis Rancourt and associates studied the international data and concluded 17 million people had died following these toxic jabs.

Please read the full letter via the link below:

THIS letter was sent yesterday to the CEOs of Boots and Pharmadoctor, the two companies set to start offering covid vaccines privately from Monday.

Sebastian James, CEO, Boots UK 

Graham Thoms, CEO, Pharmadoctor

Dear Mr James and Mr Thoms,

re: Private Covid-19 vaccines for healthy children

I am writing to draw your attention urgently to the major breach of ethical principles if your companies proceed to offer Covid-19 vaccinations privately to healthy children aged 12 years and above at a time when the NHS has effectively withdrawn the vaccines for all healthy under-75s.


2022 – Objection to the covid jabs from 17,000 physicians and scientists:


*** ‘Giving children covid vaccines is unethical and reckless – our letter to pharmacy chiefs’ (Boots and Pharmadoctor) by Ros Jones and Professor Angus Dalgleish

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