I wrote about this issue at some length via this blog, and I provided a live webinar which was recorded and is now available to view via my handwriting site.

My original post does not need repeating, but the news that now both Ofsted and the DfE in England have raised their worries and given a steer about this issue is circulating.

Interestingly, perhaps as one might expect, the wider response includes those who are jubilated about this (double) official steer, and those who are, quite frankly, intransigent and resisting it.

We’ll have to see how this develops in the longer run. Thankfully, in at least some schools, the policy of introducing print letters complete with ‘lead-in joins’ has now been reversed!

You can read the original post with all the links and references you need HERE.

***Update on the issue of whether or not to teach four and five year olds a form of print with lead-in joins – the DfE and Ofsted indicate ‘not’!

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