***The issue of ‘matched texts’ is clearly worrying teachers – what are the practicalities?

In an earlier post (May 2020), I offered suggestions for providing reading material for children that ‘matches’ the letter/sound correspondences they have been systematically taught in their school – and for providing reading material for children at home.

All the phonics programmes I am associated with provide fully matched plain texts for every letter/s-sound correspondence introduced so that children can not only apply and extend their alphabetic code knowledge to reading – but also to writing, spelling and developing their vocabulary and language comprehension – ultimately building up their knowledge of ‘spelling word banks’ (a feature of phonics provision that I’m not convinced is understood or provided well enough).

Thus, the box is well and truly ‘ticked’ with regard to ‘matched texts’.

But what about matched texts for home reading – especially for my No Nonsense Phonics Skills series and the Phonics International programme?

I provide some suggestions in my former blog HERE.

Further news is that Phonics International Ltd is publishing reading books following the specific order of introducing letter/s-sound correspondences in the No Nonsense Phonics Skills series and the Phonics International programme. These will be available as both eBooks and hard copy books and I’ll announce when these are ready.

Meanwhile, Phonics International Ltd has further expanded its range of ready-made NNPS and PI resources for teachers, tutors and parents/carers who may wish to take advantage of ready-made material to support phonics teaching and learning.

Following requests from parents and tutors (even from grandparents!), we now provide the No Nonsense Phonics Skills Pupil Books as ‘singles’ and we’ve put together a ‘home pack’ including items such as the exercise books with lines, word books and so on. We now have a dedicated page for parents, carers and tutors including feedback.

If I say so myself, these really are fabulous ready-made resources – and we continue to provide the Phonics International programme’s printable and projectable resources for no charge at all, along with our amazing range of free Alphabetic Code Charts and handwriting resources!

And on this page we provide a free pre-recorded information and training webinar about my approach to programme-design including full course notes.

And don’t forget our fabulous free resources for nursery-aged children – we’re including feedback on this page too! See our two cumulative Phonics and Talk Time books and our Teeny Reading Seeds resources for your littlies – suitable for use in nurseries and in the home.

What’s not to like!!!

Please do investigate!


This discussion may help people to further understand some of my rationale of programme design and delivery:

Debbie Hepplewhite and Carl Pattison talk about rich systematic synthetic phonics practice

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