I utterly despair. It seems that the UK Government and the NHS are doubling down on their covid policies to date. I find this so chilling and heartbreaking. How can this be? There are thousands and thousands of jab injured and jab killed (possibly millions globally) – including previously fit and healthy young people. This development is surely, surely not acceptable:

Cartoonist Bob Moran has captured the covid jab scenario again:

Read the responses – it’s clear that many people think the jab roll-out for babies and children (or for anyone for that matter) is utterly crazy, evil, inexplicable, unaccountable:

Read the article in the Express by Professor Angus Dalgleish – it’s important – providing an example of the level of incredulity of so many other physicians, scientists and citizens around the world regarding governments that continue to promote and enable the covid jabs:

Covid vaccine booster now does more harm than good, says Prof ANGUS DALGLEISH

Professor Angus Dalgleish is Professor of Oncology at St Georges Hospital Medical School London. He is renowned for his ground-breaking work into HIV/AIDS. His conclusions on the Covid virus confound the Government line. We invite you to make up your own mind.”

By PROF ANGUS DALGLEISH15:01, Fri, Apr 7, 2023 | UPDATED: 10:09, Sat, Apr 8, 2023


Time will tell – increasingly – statistics and personal observations:

Continuation of high numbers of excess deaths:

The contrast between the daily statements (multiple times a day in fact) of covid deaths and the current silence on ‘excess deaths’ is very telling is it not (along with the personal vilification by leading politicians of Andrew Bridgen MP in response to him raising the issue of jab harms and deaths, and excess deaths, in the House of Commons):

Andrew Bridgen was expelled from the Conservative Party on 12th April, 2023. Continuing the call for the jabs to be suspended completely in the UK pending a full inquiry, this Perseus Report has been sent out to all Members of Parliament as ‘hard copies’ so none can say they haven’t had it with the important information it contains:

Parents put their children through this – some will be forever injured and some die:

***Pfizer covid jabs for vulnerable babies from 6 months old from June 2023 – are there no limits to the lack of caution of those promoting and enabling this development?

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